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Connecting Cultures

Dundee International Women's Centre are offereing training workshops for organisations covering: History and Culture; How can we navigate misunderstandings?; Misinformation and Disinformation; Hate Crime
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Why LGBT Youth Scotland left Twitter

In an age dominated by social media LGBT Youth Scotland have deleted their Twitter account. "It's simply not a safe space."
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New Hate Crime campaign

Police Scotland has launched a new anti hate crime campaign calling for people to ‘ditch their hate monster’.
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Pink and purple image of awards set up with text 2023 National Youth Work Awards on top

Youth Work Awards Deadline extended

The deadline for nominations for the National Youth Work Awards has been extended to 7th February.
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Mapping Exercise - youth workers supporting young people facing racism & anti semitism in Scotland

Following a consultation meeting with representatives of youth work organisations actively engaged in anti racism it was proposed that a mapping exercise should take place to identify existing youth groups and networks providing targeted support to young people facing racism & antisemitism.
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Young BME Humans of Scotland

In honour of Black History Month 2018 we wanted to share the stories of young BME people in Scotland. They tell of their hopes and aspirations for the future.
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Changing the fabric of society – LGBTI-inclusive education

A blog from December 2018 following the success of the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) Campaign.
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When Silent Prejudice Turns To Violence

A blog reacting to the attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019.
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Small Steps – Big Changes

A blog looking at the Speak Up resource and how young people can use the 5Ds to help when witnessing a hate crime situation.
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