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Resources and information to tackle prejudice, discrimination and hate crime for a safer and more inclusive Scotland.

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Hate crime charges reported 22-23


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Racial hate crime charges


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Disability Hate Crime Charges

722 (+3%)

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Sexual orientation aggravated crime


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Charges with a religious aggravation


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Aggravation of Transgender identity


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Hate Hurts. New National Anti-Hate Campaign

New national campaign tackling hate crime in Scotland launched urging those who witness a hate crime to report it. Scotland’s hate crime law is in place to protect those that need it. The law recognises hate crimes as motivated by prejudice based on disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or variations in sex characteristics.
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#EducationNeedsYouthWork Campaign

Are you ready for the #EducationNeedsYouthWork Campaign? Mark the date in your calendar - Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February!
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Two women are central to the image, they are having a discussion and the one on the right seems quite passionate about what she is saying. On the edges we see the partial back of two men facing the women.

How youth workers can create space for difficult conversations with young people

We live in a world where everyone has different perspectives, opinions, and thoughts on world events and where we can express these if we wish to. But how do we create a space where young people can express their opposing views without causing harm to others, and where they can have constructive debate? 
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This directory provides the contact details for action groups, support and advice services and where to report hate crime. You can search by topic, name or post-code.

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Here you can find a whole host of resources to support your work tackling prejudice, hate and discrimination. There are activities, resource packs, reports and more to look through.

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Sometimes we are faced with something that worries us or have an experience that we don't know how to handle ourselves. For information on where to go for some support or direct help visit our help & support page. In an emergency always call 999.

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