Why LGBT Youth Scotland has left Twitter “It’s simply not a safe space”

In TFN Mhairi Crawford, CEO of LGBT Youth Scotland wrote;

“In an age dominated by social media, we made the bold decision to delete our Twitter account, our charity’s most followed social platform.

Since the end of 2022, the safeguards Twitter had in place to protect users have eroded, deeply contradicting the values of inclusion, respect, and empathy that we hold dear. Be in no doubt, this is a regressive step.

Our vision is simple yet powerful: a Scotland where LGBTQ+ young people flourish and thrive, no matter what flourishing and thriving means to them. To achieve this, we work tirelessly to support and amplify the voices of young LGBTQ+ people across Scotland.

Deleting our Twitter account, which had a 33,000-strong following, was a decision not made lightly.”

Read the full article at https://tfn.scot/opinion/its-simply-not-a-safe-space-why-lgbt-youth-scotland-deleted-it-twitter-account