Introduction to Intersectional Youth Work

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This training will explore intersectionality and how it fits with your youth work practice. We will look at why intersectionality is important for us as youth workers and how we can include it in our work.

This session is suitable for newcomers to intersectionality and for those who have already started exploring how it can benefit their practice and the young people they work with.

If you have a team you would like to attend then please get in touch and ask about our tailored training which may be more suitable.

Participating in this training can be recorded as 4 hours of Professional Learning time, which can contribute to the 35 hours per year (pro rata) required for membership of the CLD Standards Council, another professional body, or your own learning and development plan.

When recording your professional learning you may want to reflect on your development from this event in relation to the relevant CLD Competences and CLD Ethics.

Venue: Impact Arts, The Boardwalk, Glasgow

20th March 2024, 10am – 2pm