EDI Community of Practice Supporting young people facing hate on social media

Date:  28 August, 2023
Time:  13:00 – 15:30
Cost:  Free
Location:  Online

Social Media is a controversial and difficult space to navigate for young people and the youth workers supporting them and can be especially difficult for young people with diverse needs and experiences. It is a space that holds a lot of different opinions and can be a space for positive debate, however we also know it is a space where we increasingly see hate for difference being expressed.

In this Community of Practice we will be looking at how we can engage safely with young people online and the decisions we might need to make in order to keep them safe through our work. We will think about how to support young people with different protected characteristics who are using online spaces and experiencing different levels of negative engagement.

Speakers include Mairi Crawford from LGBT Youth Scotland on their decision to leave Twitter/X and Asma Hussein from Dundee International Women’s Centre on her work talking with young people about misinformation about different cultures and identities on social media.

Participating in this Community of Practice can be recorded as 2 hours of Professional Learning time, which can contribute to the 35 hours per year (pro rata) required for membership of the CLD Standards Council, another professional body, or your own learning and development plan.  

When recording your professional learning you may want to reflect on your development from this event in relation to the relevant CLD Competences and CLD Ethics.

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